Mozilla unveils a new feature to support privacy and security in the Firefox browser


The company Mozilla, developer of the famous browser Firefox, announced the launch of a new feature called SmartBlock, which is a new smart tracking blocking mechanism in the version of the browser Firefox 87, that allows browsing the web in private without disrupting websites as before. This comes after some features cause problems in the browser, such as the built-in content blocking feature that can cause many websites to crash.

And Mozilla has recently introduced a new standard to maintain privacy in the version of Firefox 86 when using the Incognito Mode, through the full protection of cookies. The new update of the browser included the SmartBlock feature for desktop devices bearing the number Firefox 87. The feature fixes websites that are crashed when browsing in incognito mode or when Strict Mode is activated.

The tracking protection in the Firefox browser completely prohibits scripts, images and other content of third parties, however some websites require these tracking components from the tracking companies across the sites to work well, otherwise you will face many problems.

With the SmartBlock feature, these problems will disappear due to the fact that the new feature will provide local reserves for banned external tracking scripts, so that these backup scripts behave like the original scripts to make sure that the site is working properly, and then this allows disabled sites that depend on the original scripts to be loaded With its functions properly.

Mozilla said, the backup modules of the SmartBlock feature are collected with Firefox, and no actual third-party content of the tracking code is loaded at all, so there is no opportunity for them to track you in this way, and of course, the backup programs themselves that contain any code that support the function are not loaded Traceability.

The new update also provides improvements to the Highlight All feature in (Find in Page), where the flags are displayed next to a scroll bar that corresponds to the location of matches on that page, in addition to full support for the built-in screen reader in Mac OS, called (VoiceOver). ), And many other minor UI improvements, along with security and general tweaks.


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