Musk responds to Tesla's $440 million order

The US electric vehicle subscription company Autonomy announced last week that it plans to order 23,000 electric vehicles from 17 automakers, with a total value of about $1.2 billion, of which Tesla will provide 8,300 vehicles. Valued at $440 million.

It is reported that Tesla's value share in the contract is about 37%, with GM and Volkswagen accounting for 11.6% and 9%, respectively. When asked on Twitter by the Tesla Silicon Valley Owners Club what he thought of Tesla getting the order, he responded cautiously, saying: "Production is a bigger challenge than demand."

In July, Tesla had to close its main factory in China for facility renovations, resulting in a sharp drop in deliveries in China last month. In addition, the current economic and geopolitical situation is severe, and electric vehicle manufacturers are facing a supply chain crunch that restricts the supply of key battery materials.

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