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Musk turns the Twitter headquarters office into a bedroom for overnight workers

People familiar with the matter said, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has converted part of the Twitter San Francisco headquarters office into a bedroom for employees who work overnight.

Two people familiar with the matter said, Twitter employees discovered on Monday that some offices and conference rooms at the company’s headquarters had become bare except for mattresses and curtains. Of course, some rooms are more well-furnished, with a queen-size bed, a bedside table, a reading lamp, two armchairs, and a bright orange rug.

It's unclear how many offices in total have been converted into bedrooms, but a source with knowledge of the matter said there could be anywhere from four to eight bedrooms on each floor, which appear to be comfortable.

Several of the bedrooms are on a largely unused floor, another person familiar with the matter said. One of the bedroom bins already contained rubbish, meaning staff had already used the amenities. Employees are already staying up late and working overtime, which makes sense to a certain extent.

Twitter didn't explain to employees the reasons behind converting offices into bedrooms. According to analysts, the beds are intended for hardcore workers who work all night at the office, part of what Musk calls Twitter 2.0.

In the middle of last month, Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees: either commit to building a new hardcore Twitter or leave the company with severance pay. The so-called hardcore here refers to long-term, high-intensity work, and if you can't do it, you will leave Twitter with three months of severance pay.

Regarding the conversion of the office into a bedroom, a person familiar with the matter said: It didn't look very friendly. It was an unspoken disrespect. There was no discussion, and the bed appeared.

Twitter has yet to comment.


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