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NASA astronaut gets Belgian cheese delivered to space


A cheese lover, American astronaut Shannon Walker discovered cheese from 't Groendal farm, located in Rumbeke (Roeselare) in a shop in Houston, Texas.

This is a story that is the pride of Johan Deweer, of the Flemish farm't Groendal located in Rumbeke! The 60 year old Belgian has seen his OG Kristal and Old Farmdale cheeses sent to space twice at the request of US astronaut Shannon Walker, Het Nieuwsblad and Gazet van Antwerpen reported on Thursday.

These are the variants of our Brokkeloud Roeselare and Oud Roeselare cheeses that we produce for the US market, explained Johan Deweer, We find that great. Who thinks one day that their cheese will be tasted in space? But we are very proud of it. What a great advertisement that makes!.

Astronaut on the International Space Station, Shannon Walker discovered Belgian cheeses in a store in Houston, Texas, the Houston Dairymaids brand. Flemish dishes got there thanks to the Antwerp trade Van Tricht, which deals with the distribution of these cheeses abroad. Houston Dairymaids first received a NASA delivery request for this specific Belgian cheese in December and received a second order again just this month.

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