NASA has released the first video of the Perseverance Rover landing on Tuesday


NASA, the US space agency, sent the Perseverance spacecraft on July 30 to explore Mars. The spacecraft traveled 293 million miles and reached Mars on the 18th Feb 2021. NASA scientists celebrate the successful landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars after a 7-month journey.

Persuasion Rover has begun its exploration mission to Mars. Photographs taken on Mars were released by cameras on the Perseverance Rover. A tiny helicopter with a rover has also been launched to Mars. This is flown a short distance and tested.

NASA has released the first video taken during the landing of the Perseverance rover spacecraft on Mars.

In this exciting last minute video of Mars approaching Mars, the speed of the spacecraft is reduced with the help of a parachute, and the rover's wheels are recorded until it touches Mars.

Those shots were not clear as the dust rose as the Rover approached the ground in the Xero Greater area. When the rover landed on Mars, 7 of the cameras attached to it were activated and these videos and photos were taken.


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