NetEase Cloud Music's vinyl DJing function is online

According to the official news of NetEase Cloud Music, the vinyl disc playing function has been fully launched on iOS, and the Android terminal will be launched soon. According to the official, NetEase Cloud Music Vinyl DJing is the first online mobile disc player product in China, which realizes the convenient online creation of music. Vinyl Disc" to get the entrance.

It is understood that NetEase Cloud Music's "Vinyl Disc" function supports simple and advanced modes, which not only allows novice users to try to simply play with song Remix production but also supports higher-level Remix requirements of professional users and supports Remix videos.

The NetEase Cloud Music vinyl DJing function is a professional and easy-to-use music creation tool based on the evolution of a huge online music library and DJ Mix. Users can find the entrance of the vinyl DJing function on the song playback page of the Netease Cloud Music App. Vinyl DJing supports free switching of a large number of songs and supports simultaneous mixing of two songs. Users can also freely combine different styles and instrumental elements to make their own remix works, and support the recording and publishing of Remix videos.

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