NetEase hires Watch Dogs creative director to create new IP

NetEase has now announced that they have hired Jonathan Morin, the head of the “Watch Dogs” 1 and 2 series, and will be in charge of the Montreal studio. According to reports, Morin was the creative director of Ubisoft's two "Watch Dogs" games, and he will be the creative director of the new IP at NetEase.

Maureen said: “I am delighted to announce my new adventure as Creative Director of NetEase Games Montreal. I am honored to be joining a passionate and talented new team to create our own IP. This is a special one for me I can't wait to say more..."

NetEase Montreal was established in 2019 and is mainly responsible for the field of console games. So far, the studio has handled the release of 24 Entertainment's Forever.

Earlier, the Montreal studio had hired Emile Liang, a veteran producer of Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, as lead producer.

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