Netflix acquires game studio Night School Studio and releases five games

In the summer, Netflix announced plans to add a video game streaming service to its platform. Netflix Gaming debuted in Poland last month with two Stranger Things mobile games.

Netflix today announced the acquisition of Night School Studio, a video game developer, marking the first purchase of a game studio for the video streaming giant. Along with this, the company has also released five mobile games in various European markets. Night School Studio, in turn, is best known for playing Oxenfree, a paranormal teen thriller.

The studio's games, available on Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, will be the first non-mobile games in the Netflix video game portfolio. Netflix is ​​looking to diversify its revenue streams as competition in the online streaming space continues to grow.

Netflix gives movie creators, TV series, and now game developers an unprecedented opportunity to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. Our research into narrative gameplay and Netflix's track record of supporting multiple storytellers has become such a natural combination. - Night school studio

Netflix has already confirmed that it will not offer a separate subscription to this new gaming service. This means that a subscription to the streaming platform offers movies, TV series, and games.

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