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Netflix allows watching incomplete downloads


Today, the Netflix platform announced a new feature that is likely to be very useful for those who most of the time download the programs and movies they watch.

The platform announced that users can now watch programs and movies that have been partially downloaded without an internet connection. So, if you tend to forget to download things you want to watch until the last minute, you can still watch some of the episodes or movies you were downloading and finish them when you have a stable internet connection again.

This feature is also useful for those who use limited mobile data plans or who live in an area where mobile data is intermittent and not suitable for streaming videos.

This may be a much-requested feature of Netflix users, although at this point Netflix requires you to download the entire episode or movie before you can start watching it.

Unfortunately, the new feature has not reached everyone yet, Netflix said that for now Android users can only watch partially downloaded shows and movies offline. The feature is expected to reach iOS users sometime in the coming months.

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