Netflix games are now only in the mobile application and only for Android

Netflix has already announced its plans to enter the gaming market and announced that it will start with mobile games. The company has now begun testing access to games among users in Poland.

On the official page of the Polish division of Netflix on the social network Twitter, a message appeared that the Netflix app for Android in Poland offers access to two options for mobile games - Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3.

According to reviews, games are provided as part of an existing Netflix subscription, no additional payments are requested, ads are not shown, and do not contain in-game purchases.

In principle, the games on offer have been available to everyone for several years - they were created in partnership with Netflix for the second and third seasons of Stranger Things. Games are downloaded directly to your mobile device, not streamed. And, in fact, they are installed from the Google Play Store.

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