Netflix Gaming Announced: Service Will Be Free For Existing Subscribers


Last week we heard about the possible entry of Netflix into the gaming market, and now the rumors have been confirmed. The company released the relevant information in its second-quarter financial statements.

It is especially pleasant that the addition of games will take place at no additional cost to service subscribers. That said, Netflix will start with mobile games. Those who subscribe to the platform will not need to pay an additional fee to access the first games. This will make Netflix gaming more compelling than the competition. Netflix admitted that it began experimenting with a more interactive system when it introduced interactive films like Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

It is not yet clear exactly how the service will work. Netflix Games (tentatively named) will be similar to Xbox Cloud or Stadia, according to Bloomberg. The game will be launched on a remote server, and users will receive a picture. That being said, Netflix doesn't have servers optimized for gaming. The company can use a scheme similar to Apple Arcade when the game is running on a smartphone, but access is opened with a subscription.

It is worth noting that back in 2017, before the release of the second season of the series Stranger Things, Netflix released the free game Stranger Things: The Game for Android and iOS. And in 2019, a sequel saw the light of day for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS and Windows.

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