Netflix update for Android improves audio quality

Netflix has rolled out an upgrade for its Android app, which improves the sound quality, making it easier to listen to content in noisy environments. Further, it adapts to variable cellular connections as well and scales to studio quality.

With the adoption of the xHE-AAC codec, which was announced earlier this month, Netflix can stream with an audio bit rate that matches the currently available internet speed and minimize buffers. Further, the xHE-AAC codec is compatible with Android mobile devices running Android 9 and higher.

According to Netflix, the update also helps reduce the dynamic range, which essentially means that users will be able to hear quiet content louder over background noise, while the volume of the loud content is brought down, respectively, all without compromising on the audio quality.

Netflix said, The lessons we have learned while deploying xHE-AAC to Android Mobile devices are not unique we expect them to apply to other platforms that support the new code. So the next time you experience The Crown, get ready to be immersed and not have to reach out to the volume control or grab your earbuds.

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