New airplane seat design for more comfort


Scientists are always looking for ways to enable them to develop aircraft seats so that passengers can experience a new, enjoyable and comfortable experience, especially after the measures imposed by the Covid-19.

A Spanish student designed the Economy Seat project under the title Chaise Longue, to participate in a competition between aircraft cabin designers, with two levels by raising the front seat row and removing the upper luggage compartment, allowing more space in the cabin for higher-level seats, provided that luggage is stored in compartments below the seat.

The design goes to 21-year-old student Alejandro Nunez Vicente, who said his experience of traveling across Europe in economy class was partly inspired by the idea.

He also added that this design would work well in the Flying-V, which is currently being developed at TU Delft, noting that the design could also be implemented in the Boeing 747, Airbus A330, or any other medium to large aircraft.

The design aims to create a multi-level cabin that offers something attractive to passengers seated on both levels, according to Vicente. He also explained that the lower row has the advantage of having a sofa in which passengers can extend the legs, while the upper row provides more space to cross the legs.

The seat design also offers more reclining angles, an adjustable backrest, and a foldable neckrest, added for comfort.

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