New Continent Honda will cooperate with Muji to build electric vehicles

According to Honda's official news, Xindazhou Honda and MUJI joined hands to build a car, simplifying complexity, discarding excess, and returning to the authenticity and purity of electric vehicles.

Officially announced the sketch of this new Continent Honda X MUJI joint electric scooter:

The new continent Honda X MUJI joint electric car will start pre-sale on July 4th.

According to public information, Xindazhou Honda was established in 2001 by Xindazhou Equity Investment Co., Ltd., Japan Honda Technology Co., Ltd., Honda Technology Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 129 million US dollars, and the proportion of equity between China and Japan. 50% each. There are two production bases in Taicang and Tianjin, with an annual production capacity of 900,000 vehicles and engines.

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