New mode to make Edge browser more secure

The Microsoft Edge browser vulnerabilities research team is working on developing a new mode called Super Duper Secure to make the browser more secure. According to the company, this will help make it more difficult for attackers who are trying to exploit bugs in the Microsoft Edge browser by turning off some improvements.

To make the browser more secure, the mode turns off a feature within the browser's JavaScript engine that aims to make website code run faster. This technique is called “aggregation in time,” or JIT. Although they can help improve performance, they are quite complex, and this makes it easy for bugs to sneak in, which can lead to security holes.

Microsoft refers to the analysis conducted by the Mozilla Foundation, which showed that more than half of the exploits of the Google Chrome browser since 2018 were related to just-in-time aggregation technology.

The company's team notes that it's looking at making the mode smart by turning it on and off for protection based on the risks a website might pose, or how resource-intensive it is.

The team says, there are quite a few technical challenges that must be overcome before the feature is launched. However, it is exciting to work to be done.

Given that the browser is now based on Chromium, it uses the same JavaScript engine as Google Chrome, and this makes it possible for the feature to be adopted by other browsers if it is successful via Microsoft Edge.

Unify the OneNote package

On the other hand, the company decided to unify the applications of the OneNote package and the package similar to it in the operating system “Windows 10” in a single OneNote application.

The company is currently offering, before the final decision to users, the OneNote application installed with “Office” and the OneNote application for “Windows 10” available in the Microsoft Store.

These improvements appear in a series of updates over the next 12 months to the traditional desktop OneNote app that is installed as part of the Office suite.

The updates include a visual update and key features that are currently unique to the OneNote app for Windows 10 as the company is taking all the improvements in the OneNote app for Windows 10 and bringing them to the traditional OneNote desktop app instead.

The company is asking existing users of the dedicated OneNote app for Windows 10 to upgrade to the full desktop OneNote app in the second half of 2022.

The OneNote team said, advances in Windows and Office allow us to unite the two applications in order to create a single user experience. So you have the simplicity of a single OneNote app across Windows while enjoying the interface and features you know.”

Microsoft says that the system-to-end support for the OneNote application for Windows 10 will be in the year 2025, so OneNote users should move to the desktop application by October 2025.

The company originally wanted to quit OneNote when the Windows 10 app became available, but changed its plans and revived the app in 2019.

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