New photo was taken by China's Chang'e probe from Moon

Credits: ESA
Credits: ESA

After sometimes Chang'e 5 probe made a soft landing on the Moon, the Chinese space agency has released both a short video showing the spacecraft's descent to the surface as well as an HD image of the lunar landscape. The panoramic surface image highlighting the Oceanus Procellarum region where the spacecraft landed is especially jaw-dropping. It shows the lander and one of its legs in the foreground with the lunar surface stretching off to the horizon. This zoomable image which measures 15,000×7,947 pixels provides incredible detail about small rocks near the lander as well as the indentation made by the landing leg in the Moon's surface.

The video released by China clearly shows the Chang'e 5 lander undergoing deceleration, reorienting itself, avoiding hazards, and then hovering before coming in for a final landing.

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