New rules apply to users and bloggers on YouTube


As of June 1, new rules apply to the social networking site YouTube, and this site owned by Google will have the right to include ads in all videos posted by its users. It also starts taxing income from site services under US laws, so how will the new rules affect YouTube users and video bloggers?

The main change that will affect all users will appear through YouTube's right to monetize the contents of all videos on the site. The company can now display ads within your video and charge for access to them through YouTube Premium subscriptions, while if the blogger is not associated with the affiliate program, he will not receive any payment for his creations.

These rules came into effect in the United States last November, and have been introduced since June in other countries, including Russia. All of this means that the company can now display ads in some of your videos, even if you are not associated with the ad program, however, the owners of such videos will not get income from these ads. And if the channel reaches the required indicators, as before, its owner can join the advertising program.

The conditions for joining the advertising program have not changed, for example, the availability of at least 1000 subscribers to the channel, and the obtaining of 4000 hours of viewing from videos published in the public domain.

The general question is will bloggers push themselves to YouTube now?

The notable change affects bloggers who receive payments from the service, so as of June 1, 2021, YouTube revenue from Sponsorship, Super Chat, and participation in the YouTube Partner Program will be considered earnings and will be taxed, in accordance with US laws.

This means that Google can now start withholding taxes on income for YouTube creators living outside the United States if that income is received from viewers in the United States.

The press service of this company said in this regard, Google pays taxes in every country in which it operates, and is obligated to collect tax information from all authors who gain entry and live outside the United States, but receive income from American viewers." These taxes will be deducted by the company. itself.

However, due to the double taxation agreement, authors from Russia, for example, will not pay additional taxes if they provide the required tax information in their Adsense account.

Google warned that if authors do not provide tax information by the deadline, their income from all countries may begin to be withheld at a rate of up to 24%.


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