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New spacesuit leaves the peculiar tradition of Russian cosmonauts safe


The design of the new Sokol-M spacesuit will save a peculiar tradition of Russian cosmonauts implanted by Yuri Gagarin himself, that of urinating on the wheels of the bus that takes them to the launch ramp.

This was stated in an interview with Sputnik Sergei Pozdniakov, general director of the company Zvezda manufacturer of the diving suit.

He said, The suit opens easily at waist level allowing for the smallest or even the greatest need.

During the 2019 edition of the MAKS International Aerospace Show, a prototype of the Sokol-M suit without a fly was unveiled, jeopardizing an entire tradition that lasts almost six decades.

Pozdniakov said, the new version of the Sokol-M will not only preserve that tradition but will also offer greater comfort when exercising it, compared to the current Sokol-KV-2 suit that incorporates a lace-up fly. There will be nothing to untie or re-tie with laces.

The next edition of the MAKS Aerospace Show will take place in the Moscow town of Zhukovski between July 20 and 25, and will have the informational support of the Sputnik and RIA Novosti agencies.

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