New trailer for Weird West - the next game from the creator of Prey and Dishonored

If in recent years you began to notice that the new developments of the Arkane studio seem somehow different but forgot about one of the important reasons for this change, then we remind you: the founder of the studio and the head of its most famous developments left there after the not very successful release of Prey. But he didn’t make ends meet, now he is working in his new studio Wolfeye on another game in his favorite genre, Weird West, for the publishing house Devolver Digital.

Okay, whether Weird West can be considered a game in the same genre as Prey and Dishonored is a tricky question. Still, games with a first-person view are usually referred to as "immersive sims", and Weird West is a project with a much smaller budget and a top view that helps to save money. But this does not really change the essence: the players will again be offered to solve problems in various possible ways, be it stealth, shooting, the use of superpowers, or chatter.

In the new trailer, however, you will not notice this variety - it is very much concentrated on the action component of the game. But don't worry: everything that people love Arkane projects for is in place, just with a top view and setting of the Wild West filled with paranormalists.

Weird West will be released this fall on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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