Next week Earth will witness the phenomenon of the pink giant moon


Astronomers monitor a rare lunar scene in which the moon forms a giant, bright pink disk. The scene is expected to be completed on Monday, April 26. It will appear larger and brighter than normal, with a pink and gold color. The increased size is due to the fact that it is a mixture of two different astronomical influences, according to the British newspaper the sun.

Scientists said that when the new or full moon coincides with the "perigee", which is the closest point of the moon to Earth in its monthly orbit, the giant pink moon appears to us, according to the newspaper.

This means that the moon needs to approach 337,865 km from the earth and be full in order to complete the enchanting scene.

The scientists emphasized that the basic condition for this to happen, the Earth must be located between the sun and the moon, this means that we see the full face of the moon illuminated by the sun directly.

Although the Earth is located between the sun and the moon, it does not create an eclipse because the position of the moon relative to our original planet is slightly skewed, according to Sputnik.

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