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Nintendo Switch already surpasses worldwide PS3 sales


Nintendo's hybrid console has a total of 87.43 million units sold, becoming the seventh best-selling platform and surpassing PlayStation 3. The success of the Nintendo Switch is beyond question. A little over a month ago, we told you that the hybrid console had become the ninth best-selling console in all of history and that it was a matter of time before it rose two steps on the list and it has been.

The VGChartz portal confirms that Nintendo Switch managed to sell 375,106 units during the last weeks of June, which earned it to add 87.43 million consoles sold since March 2017. In this way, Switch manages to surpass PlayStation 3 in the ranking of best-selling consoles, after doing the same with Xbox 360 a few weeks ago. The Nintendo platform thus becomes the seventh best-selling console in all history.

These figures include both Nintendo Switch models (normal and Lite), and it is certainly surprising that it has surpassed the PS3 in just over 4 years. And that's not to mention that we will have a new Nintendo Switch model in the near future, although it has not yet been announced.

Analyzing what the Nintendo Switch has ahead of it, it must be said that it is still somewhat far from Wii, which has 101.63 million consoles. Above we also have two Sony consoles: the first PlayStation with 102.49 million, and PlayStation 4 with 115.73 million.

To date, Nintendo Switch has sold 87.43 million consoles and a whopping 587.12 million video games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains No. 1 (35.39 million), ahead of Animal Crossing New Horizons (32.63 million) and Super Smash Bros Ultimate (23.84 million).

As a last note, the Nintendo console has sold 29.73 million in the United States, 22.72 million in Europe, and 20.34 million in Japan. France, the United Kingdom, and Germany are the countries in Europe where it has been sold the most.

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