Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu now supports local wireless online multiplayer

The Nintendo Switch emulator now supports local wireless online multiplayer games, and Yuzu players can play online with other friends locally. According to the blog, the original Switch console used the LDN service to scan for other Switch console players using Wi-Fi. One player will act as the host and all other players will be connected to it.

Yuzu's approach, on the other hand, uses virtual rooms to create game lobbies that allow users to join rooms. The feature emulates the Switch's ability to do local wireless multiplayer games but doesn't use Nintendo's servers, so it doesn't require a Nintendo account to connect.

Note that the use of the Switch emulator does not mean piracy, and we don't recommend that you copy and distribute pirated game ROMs. To use this feature, players need to configure the network interface in Yuzu. This setting can be found under System -> Network, and you can view the room list after configuration.

The Yuzu local wireless online multiplayer function is now available in the latest version of the Early Access version, and it is expected to be launched for the stable version soon. The game compatibility test results are as follows:

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