Nintendo Switch is the 6th best-selling console in Japan


Nearly three months ago, we could read that console Nintendo Switch worldwide managed to sell 80 million units, making this machine became more successful than the 3DS handheld.

These numbers are a great success for the company, and the console continues to thrive.

According to the latest issues of Famitsu, the console managed to sell 19.410 million units in Japan, making the Switch the sixth best-selling console in the land of the rising sun, when it surpassed Famicom.

In addition, according to the Video Games Charts Twitter account, this growing trend should continue, when the console could reach the fifth place, currently occupied by the PSP, in May, while the fourth-place (currently the PS2) could be taken in November.

In the middle of 2022, the Switch could reach third place, where it would be replaced by a 3DS handset.

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