NIO Service Upgrade: Users can view the service progress through the App

According to the official news of Weilai, Weilai NIO Service has been renewed and upgraded, including a comprehensive upgrade of services such as service centers/service vehicles. Officials said that the NIO service center will adopt a new design language, revitalize the brand gene of Driven by Design, and provide users with a service experience that is both ingenious and technological.

At the same time, the NIO service center will start digital and intelligent operations to realize intelligent workshops (the above new functions will be opened gradually with the store upgrade). Users can view the service progress in real-time through the NIO App, the service process is clearly visible, and more transparent services are provided. . As of today, NIO has deployed more than 240 service centers across the country.

In addition, NIO also launched a new second-generation mobile service vehicle. NIO service vehicles are like a "mobile service center", providing users with door-to-door services and performing various maintenance operations on site. Officials say that the second-generation mobile service vehicle has a 60% increase in service capacity compared to the first-generation mobile service vehicle.

In addition to replacing new tires, repairing old tires, tire dynamic balancing, replacing brake pads, air conditioning filters, and other quick maintenance services, Emergency charging services will also be provided. Through the NIO App, you can also view the technician's trajectory and service process in real-time (the above functions will be opened gradually with the launch of new service vehicles).

In addition, NIO Service will apply the AR remote diagnosis solution in the service, break the traditional way of equipment troubleshooting, and use a variety of AI algorithms, AR virtual overlay technology, cloud computing, and other technologies to achieve diagnosis assistance, process records, AR maintenance manuals, and other assistance Maintenance function, improve maintenance efficiency.

The Service Guardian system can achieve one-stop worry-free service through remote signal monitoring, pre-judgment of vehicle problems, remote early warning, and online services. Based on the original intention of active and safe service, the system will remotely monitor the signals of the Internet of Vehicles, capture abnormal signals, judge the problems behind the abnormality, and issue early warning signals, which will be followed up and processed by diagnostic experts in real-time, so as to achieve real-time remote diagnosis and earlier insight. The vehicle is abnormal.

The Weilai cleaning service has also been launched. Worry-free service and worry-free insurance user value-added service coupons, in addition to the original car wash service, will also provide car wash services: waxing (including fine wash), interior deep cleaning, atomization sterilization, and glass coating services. The first batch of 300+ stores to upgrade the car wash service, covering 60+ cities across the country, has been officially launched on the NIO App, which can be viewed in "Car-All Functions and Services-Car Wash Service", and look for the "Wash-Yue" label can be found quickly.

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