Nioh team's new work Rise of the Ronin announced the trailer

At today's Sony State of Play conference, "Nioh" production team Team Ninja announced a new action RPG game " Rise of the Ronin (Rise of the Ronin) ", which will be released in 2024. Released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console in 2018. Ronin Rise is described as a " combat-centric open-world action role-playing game " that takes place at the end of the 300-year-old Edo period in Japan, often referred to as the end of the shogunate. Any warrior of domination and bondage.

According to reports, the game is set in the late 19th century, and Japan is facing its darkest times as it struggles with an oppressive ruler and deadly disease, as the civil war between the Tokugawa shogunate and anti-shogunate factions continues. Wreak havoc, and Western influence begins to infiltrate.

The game's developers describe it as "a brand new Team Ninja experience that will immerse players in a world inspired by history while combining its famous combat moves with katana swords and more. As well as new firearms and weapons that portray the unique personality of their era."

"Through all the skills and knowledge we've acquired over the years, trying to thoroughly portray the most pivotal revolution in Japanese history, including the darkest and ugliest chapters that many would shy away from, takes the game to the next level."

Additionally, the game seems to support multiple story branches, claiming that "the characters you'll meet have their own justice and motives, whether you decide to support or oppose them... every decision you make matters."

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