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Nissan prepares a more radical version of the Navara in Australia


The Australian territory has very heterogeneous characteristics and that is why Nissan has chosen it as a testing ground for a more radical version of the Navara pickup. Its creators define it as the toughest Navara in the world. It is a special version that Nissan is testing in Australia and which is based on the already robust PRO-4X, but even more capable thanks to the specialist Premcar.

This new model is called Navara PRO-4X Warrior and will be manufactured in the facilities that the Japanese brand has in Victoria.

Nissan finalizes a version of the Navara

The Navara Warrior program is made up of 35 Premcar engineers who are seeking to achieve maximum performance in this pickup, starting with the already capable PRO-4X with a single objective: to develop a dual cabin perfectly adapted to Australian conditions both in terms of road and off-road use, but without sacrificing attributes such as comfort or versatility.

To achieve these objectives, the aforementioned Navara PRO-4X has been started, which includes a new screen in the 7.0-inch Advanced Drive-Assist instrument panel, a high-contrast 8.0 touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and an interior with leather upholstery.

The improvements proposed by Premcar are also combined with Navara's safety equipment, which includes seven airbags, intelligent forward collision warning, and emergency braking.

The Nissan Navara N-TREK Warrior was a benchmark in its segment in 2019, and the Premcar PRO-4X 2021 seeks to continue this saga in Australia, a territory characterized by great diversity and which allows practicing very different types of driving.

"We are benchmarking on key enhancements made by Nissan to the Navara PRO-4X in terms of sound, steering, safety equipment, and the functionality that the crew cab brings, and we are layering those updates with our own engineering expertise to create the World's toughest and most capable Navara, "says Premcar Director of Engineering Bernie Quinn.

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