Nissan Z Proto: 370Z successor official debut confirmed


The successor of the veteran Japanese coupe will arrive technologically and mechanically evolved accompanied by a design that drinks from the 240Z and 300ZX. There is already a date for his official debut.

Nissan has already confirmed the date on which the Japanese brand's new sports coupe will finally debut. It will be on August 17 at an event to be held in New York.

The truth is that given the success that Toyota has achieved with the Supra, Nissan does not want to miss this opportunity that seems to confirm a certain resurgence of this type of car with coupe bodywork, sports cars, and at a relatively affordable price. Hence the more than likely denomination 400Z, which has nothing to do with the previous 370Z, starting with its market position, although for now, we will refer to it as Nissan Z Proto, which has already debuted at a virtual event held in Yokohama, Japan.

Japanese sports coupe

Therefore, as confirmed by Car and Driver USA, a price increase is expected over the current 370Z, which would cost about $ 40,000 in the United States. To justify this increase Nissan will increase the feeling of luxury, to which will be added improved performance and a more defined style, all this to rise to a notch above the current Mazda MX-5 and Subaru BRZ and go on to compete with the current Mazda MX-5 and Subaru BRZ. mentioned Supra, BMW Z4, and Audi TT.

Recall that the current 370Z is more than a decade old. A sports car that has survived in the market until now thanks to its rear-wheel-drive formula, a good set-up, and a good amount of power at a very affordable price, but has nonetheless lagged far behind in technology and efficiency. That's why Nissan's chief designer confirmed just over a year ago what everyone expected: A new Z is on the way.

Various nods to the Z saga

From an aesthetic point of view, a vintage touch is appreciated that seeks to create a silhouette similar to that of the original model. It has a bright yellow paint in homage to the first generation Z (S30) and 300ZX (Z32), which is paired with a black roof. It includes 19-inch wheels, with 255/40 and 285/35 tires on the front and rear axles respectively, and a dual exhaust pipe.

Nicknamed the Nissan Z Proto, it fully respects 50 years of the Z heritage and at the same time is a next-generation sports car.

Perhaps more important and expected is the fact that this Z is finally going to catch up on technology, especially if we take into account that the current 370z still lacks an infotainment system today. This will change with the new generation that will have an interior design similar to that of other recent models of the brand such as the Juke and X-Trail and will finally have an advanced infotainment system, which is based on a 12.5-inch screen. , to which is added a very complete multifunction steering wheel.

Nismo version?

Regarding mechanics, Nissan does not give figures for power or benefits, although it uses the V6 3.0 Biturbo block from the Infiniti Q50 / Q60 400 Red Sport that is associated with a six-speed manual transmission, although it had been speculated with the possibility of having a nine-speed automatic system.

In this way, the successor of the 370Z will foreseeably offer lower consumption and emission levels, with performance that will significantly improve on those of its predecessor, since everything indicates that the turbocharged six-cylinder engine will be around 400 horsepower and even will outperform with a future Nismo version.

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