No fillings anymore because an innovative treatment for tooth decay developed

Going to the dentist is a concern for some, especially in the case of tooth decay. In addition, a group of scientists has come up with a product that can encourage tooth enamel to grow again. Usually, the enamel of the tooth is opened to remove the cavities, which occurs cavities, so resort to adding a filling consisting of a group of minerals after drilling the layers of the tooth in a way that allows its filling.

But a team of scientists at the University of Washington has developed a treatment based on short chains of amino acids called peptides, but they do not form complete proteins, to treat the cavity caused by removing caries. When the innovative amino product is applied, it remineralizes the tooth enamel to achieve full and effective healing.

To develop their new treatment and formulate the peptide, the team turned to a protein produced by minoblasts, which essentially plays a key role in regulating tooth enamel formation. In turn, researcher Mehmet Sarikaya, one of the team members, said that the remineralization carried out by the developed amino acids constitutes a healthy alternative to the current treatment of dental caries.

For cavities deep into the dentin layer under the enamel, a filling is likely to be required, according to the site.

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