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Nvidia's April presentation was hosted by the "fake" Jensen Huang

Nvidia said that the April presentation of GTC 2021 was very unusual, although no one seemed to notice. The bottom line is that part of the presentation was moderated by the fake Jensen Huang.

The company told and showed how it created a digital copy of not only its permanent leader but also his kitchen, which, during the COVID-19 pandemic, has already become a familiar venue for such online events.

A small part of the presentation was done by a digital copy of Huang. In the original video, it was about 14 seconds from 1:02:29 to 1:02:53. True, most of this time Huang is shown from afar, and even from such a distance, it is clear from his movements that he is not a living person. But the first few seconds of this segment, everything looks much more natural, although here it is clear that, for example, the Nvidia head did not pay much attention to the digital jacket, so that it is devoid of many details.

We've seen how naturalistic the Samsung Neon's digital people can look before, so Nvidia's demo here isn't overwhelming. But it's still interesting that no one noticed the substitution, although this can be explained by its short-term nature.

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