Objects that can interfere with your WiFi signal


We have all struggled with a modem, resetting it over and over again in the hope that the internet signal will be restored and function properly. However, sometimes, problems with Wi-Fi are not due to a failure of our equipment or our network provider, but rather the cause could be a device that you have at home which is blocking the connection.

How do WiFi signals work?

WiFi networks work through two types of frequencies, which represent the speed at which the data exchanged between devices connected to a wireless network are transmitted and received, according to the Google support portal.

Generally, Internet networks for residential use operate within a radio spectrum of 2.4 gigahertz. Therefore, any device that uses a similar type of spectrum can interfere with the signal; the intensity of this interference depends on the type of device and its proximity.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how this data exchange works, we tell you what objects could affect your WiFi signal.

Metal surfaces and mirrors

If you have your WiFi device near a mirror or glass furniture, such as tables or cabinets, it is possible that the internet signal is being bounced by these materials. According to Apple's support portal, this is because the crystalline surfaces act as a kind of shield, which could slow down the network or make it impossible to connect devices in some cases.

Microwave ovens and appliances

Information from the specialized portal Acrylic WiFi indicates that some household appliances, and especially microwave ovens, make use of wireless electromagnetic waves that operate with a frequency similar to that traditionally used by 2.4 GHz WiFi; so this could be the reason that your internet connection is not working properly, especially if you have the modem located near this kitchen appliance.

The most immediate solution to this problem would be to unplug the oven or devices while they are idle.

Washers, Coolers, and Radiators

Other appliances besides the microwave could also be causing problems with your internet connection. One of the most common reasons is that appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, or some models of air conditioners have pipes through which water passes and, in turn, retain energy or wireless waves that interfere with the quality of the connection.

This does not mean that if you have the modem near the kitchen or the laundry room, the signal will stop working completely, but it could decrease its power.

Devices with Bluetooth

To avoid interference you can deactivate the Bluetooth of your devices while you are not using it, Huawei recommends. This is the case with cordless phones, headphones, keyboards, mice, printers, and speakers, as they can interfere with your WiFi signal.

How to optimize the intensity of your WiFi?

On its website, Telmex made available to its customers some recommendations to improve the quality of the internet signal, among which are:

  • Place the modem five feet from the ground.

  • Keep it on all the time.

  • Customize name and password constantly.

Knowing and detecting what are the possible causes of interference on your WiFi connection will allow you to find solutions to finally forget about the inconvenience of poor internet quality.

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