OBS Studio: This old-fashioned open source tool has been updated for its 10th anniversary

When it comes to old-fashioned software, there are actually many good ones, many of which can be called essential software for installation, such as PotPlayer, Everything, WinRAR, Bandicam, and so on.

Today, the one I want from Amway can also be called old-fashioned software. This software is: "OBS Studio", which is also used to be referred to as "OBS". It has been 10 years since the software was released.

OBS is software for "screen recording video and live broadcast". It is suitable for Linux, macOS, and Windows. It is mainly used to record computer screen operations, save it as a video or push it to the live broadcast platform to realize live teaching.

The screen recording function is very powerful, and with the help of the performance of the graphics card, it can also record the game process smoothly. It is the screen recording software used by many game commentators.

The main function

The BOS interface is simple, supports the Chinese interface, and has powerful functions. It not only has good recording quality but also takes up fewer resources. It supports audio capture, scene switching, picture color correction, custom layout, etc. It can record camera pictures at the same time to meet the needs of teaching live broadcasts or real-time commentary.

Support live video, while recording the video, output the video into a video stream format, and push it to almost all live broadcast platforms such as station B, Douyin, Douyu, Kuaishou, etc., which can replace the software of the live broadcast platform, with high output High-quality live video, many game UP masters, technology UP masters, and knowledge UP masters at Station B are using it.


The installation is basically done with one click. You can install it directly by default. After the installation is completed, you can open it and use it. First, let’s take a look at how to use it.

Screen recording

Right-click on the source - Add - Display Capture.

Then you can further adjust the recording settings, including the recording encoding, output format, output path, audio, etc. After setting, click on the control to start recording, and there will be a video file output under the specified path after the recording ends.

Screen recording + camera

Record the screen through the above method, then right-click in the source section - add - video capture device.

Live video streaming

First of all, configure the scene and set up the recording screen to be displayed live.

Then the key is to obtain the live streaming code of the corresponding platform. Each platform is different. For example, if station B has set up the live broadcast in the live broadcast center, click to start the live broadcast and there will be two strings of characters.

Open OBS, click Settings, click Push Streaming, change the service to Custom, copy the above two strings of characters, fill in the server and streaming key in turn, and then click OK.

Click Output, change the streaming parameters, select the bit rate according to your computer configuration and network speed, click Start Streaming, and you can start the live broadcast.

The above is a simple introduction to the usage method. The OBS setting operation is very strong. If you are a novice and still do not know how to use it, you can go directly to station B to search and watch related usage tutorials.

OBS is free and open-source software. The source code is hosted on Github based on the GPL-2.0 version of the open source agreement. Anyone can download, install and use it for free, and can also be used for commercial purposes.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of OBS, the developers have made a big anniversary update, the latest version 28.0.1, this version contains a lot of new features, video encoding support, native Apple chip support, and more.

You can download the software directly from the download page of the official website, but the default download link is very slow.

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