Official: The Nissan Navara will say goodbye to Europe in 2022


After learning about the complete update received by the Nissan Navara last year, many thought that its commercial life in territories such as the European continent was guaranteed, thus forgetting the closure announced by the Japanese manufacturer of its factory in Barcelona, here in Spain. However, this decision will not only result in the loss of thousands of jobs but also the final goodbye to the Old Continent of one of the most popular pick-ups on the market.

Negative results

We say this because Nissan has just announced that it will stop manufacturing the iconic truck after the closure of the Catalan factory, something that will happen at the end of this year. That left a small purchase margin for those interested in this vehicle since its commercialization will extend to 2022, although we do not know in detail until which month it will be available. The main reason that has led to this decision is none other than the significant drop in sales in the pick-up segment.

“Production of the current generation Nissan Navara for European markets will end when our Barcelona plant closes in December 2021, and sales will end in the course of 2022. This reflects the decline of the pickup segment in Europe and the change that many consumers are taking from vans to our range of modern and efficient vans, says the Japanese manufacturer in a statement.

It will still be alive in other markets

Although the Nissan Navara will leave Europe, it is still built in Thailand, where it is exported to different markets either under this name or under the Frontier name. It should be remembered that this pick-up shares the same chassis as the Pathfinder, that is, an architecture that was also shared with the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes X-Class, which have also ended up disappearing.

One of its great rivals is the Mitsubishi L200, a model that could also say goodbye to the European market in the coming years. Truck sales in Europe topped 165,121 units in 2018, but have declined since then and in 2020, only 116,280 were sold across the continent. The most popular models are the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux, with the aforementioned L200 in the third position.

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