Old Google Chrome extensions will stop working in 2023

Google Chrome Manifest V3
Google Chrome Manifest V3

Google has decided to improve the situation with extensions for the Chrome browser. To do this, the company previously introduced Manifest V3 - a new platform for extensions.

As it became known, the existing extensions created on the Manifest V2 platform will work for a little over a year. On January 17, 2022, developers will no longer be able to post new Manifest V2 extensions to the Chrome app store, and in January 2023, such extensions will simply stop working. That is, the year of expansion on the Manifest V2 and V3 platforms will exist in parallel. At the same time, old extensions will not work, even if you install them from a third-party source.

One of the problems that developers initially faced with the appearance of Manifest V3 was the new Declarative Net Request API. The bottom line is that almost all ad blockers rely on the Web Request API and cannot work with the new set of tools. However, Google has already listened to the public with a number of changes.


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