OmniFocus 3.11 for Mac brings iOS widgets to macOS Big Sur

Updated: 6 days ago

Source: The Omni Group
Source: The Omni Group

OmniFocus has been updated to version 3.11 and supports iOS 14-like widgets on macOS Big Sur. The widgets live in Notification Center and offer a couple of different views to help users keep track of their tasks. The widgets OmniFocus offers on iPhone and iPad are already great and they've made the jump to the Mac in the form of Forecast and perspective widgets. The latter can be configured to show the perspective of your choice, too.

A Forecast widget with a calendar view for today and the days ahead

A Perspective Items widget with a list of upcoming items in a perspective of your choice

Both widget types are available in small, medium, and large widget sizes and you can even customize the font that they use should that be something you're into.

The update is available now for existing and new users alike.

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