On the anniversary of the Xerox computer mouse first launch, All you need to know about the mouse

April 27th coincides with the anniversary of the introduction of the Xerox computer mouse for the first time in 1981, as it was developed by Douglas Engelbart at the Stanford Institute in 1963 AD, while the first use of the mouse dates back to 1973 in Xerox Alto computer that was from The first computer for individual use, and it is the computer in which the mouse was used in its old form with two buttons.

Mouse development history

The mouse came in its third version as part of the device with the Star Xerox 8010 information system in 1981, and after a while, the mouse spread to personal computers such as the Apple Macintosh and two buttons in the personal computer (PC). Later on, the slide wheel was added, and then the number of buttons increased to three, then it was done. Replace the middle button with a wheel and merge this button with it, and some types now contain more than three buttons and are programmable, and the rest of the buttons are for games applications or graphics and designs.

Mouse work idea:

Usually, the mouse controls the movement of the cursor in two dimensions in the graphical user interface (GUI), and the mouse electronic signals that are used in turn to move the cursor. Screen, which indicates the point at which the user's actions occur, so that the hand movements are repeated by the cursor, like clicking or scrolling (while stopping the movement while the cursor is within the boundaries of the area), can select files, programs or actions from the contacts list.

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