On these projects, Apple spent its online store money


Apple is trying in the cases it faces to prove that it does not acquire the App Store by all that means, as the company dropped some large numbers to help prove the correctness of its position, and said that its app store has achieved $ 400 billion in physical purchases in One the year 2019 and that Apple unlike digital purchases and subscriptions - doesn't take a dime from that money.

That comes according to App Store President and longtime Apple Marketing Director Phil Schiller, who has also witnessed the company spend $ 50 million annually to host a Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event.

The company is also building a new developer center at its Apple Loop headquarters in Cupertino, and Schiller has testified that none of these are included in the App Store's budget, the verge reports.

In his testimony regarding questions about Apple not reducing actual purchases, he said that Apple cannot guarantee that they will actually arrive.

Schiller saw that 84% of all App Store apps are completely free, with nearly 75% of all games on the App Store completely free.

Of these, nearly 17% are free games (require in-app purchases to unlock content) and 6% are paid, leaving only 2% on the subscription model if we do the math.

Schiller also said today that Apple has spent $ 100 billion on research and development over the past 15 years, of which $ 18 billion was just last year in 2020.


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