Opel Mokka-e is a commodity for those who choose with their eye

Photo: Eva Srpová
Photo: Eva Srpová

City Opel can run on diesel, petrol, and electricity, it only depends on the customer which drives he chooses. The new generation of Mokka wants to impress at first sight, the bow is supposed to resemble the visor of a motorcycle helmet and we are said to see it on all future Opels that will come on the market in the near future. We briefly tried the electric version. Even though it is a pocket-sized electric car inside, it will travel 300 km.

Look at Mokka carefully. This is roughly what all the Opel that the brand is preparing in the near future should look like. At least that's what the carmaker claims, and it highlights the bow with a black panel between the headlights, which is supposed to resemble the visor of a motorcycle helmet.

In connection with the new Mokka, the design of the car is the most inclined, it attracts attention. It is not without interest that Opel basically has two very similar SUVs, in addition to Mokka it also sells Crossland, which is a relic of a time when it was not yet fully part of the alliance between Opel and PSA, let alone one of many members in the giant Stellantis car group.

However, Opel managed to visually distinguish Mokka from the more conservative Crossland so much that each of the models is likely to find a slightly different customer, so in the end, it does not matter that it has basically two in many respects very competing crossovers.

Mokka, for example, has a very wide range of drives. You can buy it with a classic petrol or diesel internal combustion engine and a six-speed manual, or an eight-speed automatic transmission for the top version of the three-cylinder twelve-engine, as well as a pure electric car. The reason is simple, the car is built on a shared e-CMP platform, Crossland is technically older and stands on an older technical basis.

Conventional Mokka would be difficult to visually distinguish from the one with the batteries and the electric motor; In the cluster of city crossovers, the car manages to excel. And certainly, two-tone varnish on request and very distinctive wheels help.

While the design could be described as somewhat eccentric and unexpectedly bold on the Germans, the interior has embraced all the achievements of today's digital age, but still remembers a more conservative-minded crew. And so, next to the central display, which controls all functions, there are good old buttons that you can use to set the air conditioning.

The cab looks to the world, although the black glossy panel will be difficult to maintain without fingerprints. Seats with leaf-like stitching attract attention, it's worse because there isn't so much space in the interior. For example, the center tunnel continues under the crew's feet at the back, and if someone in the middle were to really travel more than a few miles, they probably wouldn't be excited.

What's more, joining the second row will not be the most pleasant for someone with limited mobility. The door opening is limited, you need to stretch your leg a lot and bow your head. Mokka will be more of a car for a couple who chooses things for life with their eyes.

However, the interior is well-crafted and Opel deserves an award for graphics and multimedia functionality, the connectivity with the mobile phone also worked great, and the menu also includes those who are not big technocrats. Important data, such as the percentage of battery charge, is displayed in a graphic wheel on the 10 instrument panel display in front of the front passenger. The information display solution is, therefore, clearer in Opel than in the bohemian electric Peugeot.

As we mentioned, the range of engines is varied and we briefly got into the hands of Mokka-e with a 50 kW battery and a power equal to 100 kW. The big plus of the propulsion system includes the possibility of fast charging, allegedly at speeds of up to 100 kW, as well as a three-phase 11 kW onboard AC charger. We did not have the opportunity to test how long it can charge with this power, according to the manufacturer's data, Mokka-e is able to charge at the fast charging station to 80% of the battery capacity in 30 minutes.

According to the table, he has to drive 324 km. The route was not so long that we could completely discharge the electric car, but the average consumption of 15.2 kW / 100 km deserves praise, while part of the road led along the highway. In reality, one can expect a range of slightly under 300 km.

Mokka-e is very comfortable to drive and behaves more like ordinary cars with internal combustion engines than electric cars. Of course, it is pleasantly quiet, it accelerates nicely in the city, but not in such a way that it takes your breath away with electric power. It recuperates more after you select B transmission mode, but even then it does not behave like a toy car on the autodrome, it does not slow down so extremely after removing your foot from the accelerator.

It shares technology with its relatives DS 3 Crossback e-Tense, Peugeot e-2008 and Citroën ë-C4, but you wouldn't confuse the packaging it created on an identical Opel chassis even in the dark. But the tax was not exactly low, the Mokka-e is small in both the cabin and the trunk, which can hold 310 liters, which is less than the electric Peueot (434 liters) and Citroën (380 l).

The price starts at 860 thousand, the e-2008 will come out at 875 thousand, the Citroën e-C4 is in action for as little as CZK 799,900, but it has worse equipment than the Mokka-e, and after calling it, the cars will come out roughly the same. Opel clearly believes that the Mokka-e enchants with its appearance, even though it is not so practical inside.

In the Czech Republic, Mokka's customers will be more interested in an ordinary three-cylinder petrol engine, such as the basic one with 74 kW and a decent list of Elegance equipment for 440 thousand crowns. In markets other than the Czech Republic, where electric cars are sold more thanks to subsidies, he has a chance to cut a larger piece of the sales pie. The look sells.

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