Opera launches the world's first virtual cemetery for gamers

Opera has launched a very unusual project - the world's first virtual cemetery Gamer Graveyard. As the creator noted, the online platform was designed so that gamers could say goodbye to those who disappeared from the online gaming life in order to fulfill other obligations - in ordinary real life.

The project was implemented by the team of the Opera GX game browser. Opera GX CEO Maciej Cocemba explained:

The point is, if you die in the metaverse, fortunately, you do not die in real life. But people miss you. An online graveyard is a subtle tool that people can use to tell their friends who are missing from Discord or games that they miss them. "

Gamer Graveyard is designed in an 8-bit retro style and includes a gravestone editor, where you can choose the type of gravestone, create a farewell inscription, indicate the game nickname and the date when the gamer was last seen online.

The headstone is then placed in a virtual cemetery, can be posted on social media, or sent to a missing friend directly.

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