Overlander by Unbound Freedom: Ford F-550 Goes on an Expedition


The world of campers offers more and more possibilities to all kinds of customers, from those who are looking for a compact vehicle, but with everything they need to travel and sleep inside, there are even 4x4s, and those who are looking for a real mobile home, with space even for a good kitchen and dining room, and with which one can also enter the most remote places in the world, even off the asphalt. And in the latter case is where the Unbound Freedom company comes in and its latest and colossal creation, the Overlander. A colossus designed and equipped to the teeth to be the ultimate off-road camper experience.

To adventure

This Overlander is born from the base of Ford F-550 Diesel 4X4 Lariat, a good starting point to guarantee enough space, strength, and off-road performance to create a generous camper, to which a raised suspension has been added 8 89cm extra, Hellwig stabilizer bars both front and rear, and Fox 2.0 racing shock absorbers and Fox 2.0 IFP stabilizers. All this coupled with gigantic Continental MPT81 tires result in a model that can be driven on unpaved roads without any problem.

Regarding its new bodywork, we find an aluminum alloy body with reinforced construction, which allows it to contain the enormous weight that this model already has while guaranteeing good insulation for use during the four seasons. And as if that were not enough gutter with a powerful interior heater and tanks protected against the most extreme conditions. There is also a 12,000 Wh battery pack to keep everything inside working, a 125 Ah charger, and four 250-watt Go Power.

Its interior has all the comforts you can expect in a vehicle of this size, such as kitchen appliances including an induction hob and microwave, a full dining room, or a bed with a double-density foam mattress. Also, as usually happens in this type of campers, Unbound Freedom will be happy to customize your model with other extras.

In two formats

Be that as it may, the company offers this Overlander in two main versions, the SRD, which starts at 187,500 dollars -157,682 euros at the current exchange rate- and the longer, equipped, and off-road ERD, which starts at about 221,633 dollars, about 186,387 euros.

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