PC gamers are complaining about optimizing Deathloop

The Deathloop shooter from the developers at Arkane Studios was released this Tuesday and received very high ratings from reviewers, with a few exceptions, but it has received harsh criticism from its relatively large group of PC players for its optimization. They complain in particular about the low or unstable frame rate and the jams that a large group of victims attributed to the anti-piracy protection of Denuvo, which has already demonstrably caused similar problems in the survival horror film Resident Evil: Village this year.

These problems have, of course, been reflected in user reviews on Steam, which have stabilized at 67% at the time of writing, an improvement on previous days when the rating hit 60%.

The study's response was not long in coming, and one of the community managers on the Reddit social network wrote:

In terms of game performance, we know of reports that some PC users are having problems with Deathloop crashes, we are now actively investigating the issue as a priority, and we'll let you know as soon as possible.

The situation is significantly better on the PS5 when we already have a detailed analysis from experts from Digital Foundry. Those in performance mode only once saw a significant drop in FPS, but otherwise, the game ran flawlessly. The comparison of individual versions was also interesting. Dynamic 4K deviates significantly from the target resolution in performance mode and at first glance, you can see a lower resolution, a relatively drastic visual difference was the comparison with the PC version of the game. The mode focused on the visual quality of the game already offers shadows rendered using ray-tracing, which fundamentally changes some scenes in the game (especially the opening one), also the resolution is very close to the native 4K, but with this option, it is necessary to settle for 30 FPS.

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