Penguin fleeing from killer whales, heroically jumped into a boat to the happy tourists


Travel bloggers 40 year old Matt Carsten and his 32 year old wife Anna were touring the icebergs in the Strait of Gerlach in Antarctica when they saw an incredible chase. They managed to capture fascinating shots in which a Papuan penguin miraculously escapes from the mouths of several hungry killer whales.

For several minutes, tourists watched as the penguin escaped from the most ferocious predators of the ocean, which are known to feed on flightless birds, as well as fish, seals and even sharks. Killer whales chased a penguin who no longer knew where to go. And on the way there was a group of tourists in boats. And the kid thought to seek salvation from people. At first, the penguin just circled around the boats, tourists from time to time lost sight of him.

But the penguin managed on the second attempt to jump into the boat to the tourists, who were worried about the fate of the bird. One of them supported the fugitive with his hand so that he would not fall overboard again.

Matt Carsten, a Yucatan writer from Mexico said, it was crazy to see it in person. It was like watching an episode of National Geographic on the spot. I think the penguin was very happy to escape.

After the penguin found shelter on the tourist boat, the killer whales did not calm down, and followed the boat for a while.

The penguin swam in the boat for some time and, as soon as he felt safe, said goodbye to his rescuers.

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