Pinterest opens offices in Mexico City and seeks engineers


One of the most popular social networks, which has managed to consolidate its presence over the years, is Pinterest, which announced that it will open offices in Mexico City and, as part of that process, is looking for qualified engineers.

The company reported that, during this year, it plans to hire more than 50 people for its engineering and sales areas, who will be part of the new office in Mexico City, the second that the company installs in Latin America since it already has another located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which was opened in 2014.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Mexico City office as part of our investment to scale global resources and hire local talent to grow our business and help Pinterest users, creators, and advertisers around the world shared the company.

He also highlighted that it is not a regular office but that Mexico will be the home of its first engineering center in Latin America.

The intention of this, they said, is that: "the only way to develop a product for all the people of the world is by opening ourselves to different perspectives, both on a technological and human level. We believe that we can develop consumer products that are more inclusive if we do make technological work more accessible to people of diverse origins and geographies. This mindset is driving the expansion of engineering to new places like Mexico City. "

It should be clarified that Pinterest already has a team of engineers in Mexico City, specialized especially in backend and Android skills, but now they will seek to grow that talent. In addition, they pointed out that the current group of engineers will continue to increase with the first-level computer science program of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ).

Pinterest shared that the new Mexico City engineering team will be made up of experts from different specialties, including experts in internal tools, a frontend for iOS, Android, and the Web, as well as Pinterest's human evaluation platform that will be used for both Trust as well as Security and to classify data for machine learning algorithms.

"This is a pivotal moment for Pinterest as we have surpassed 475 million users and have a team of engineers creating new technology that inspires people around the world. To fulfill our mission of providing everyone with the inspiration they need To create the life they want, we must continue to bring talented engineers to the team, "said Jeremy King, director of engineering at Pinterest.

He added that the company is excited about the possibility of offering job opportunities in Mexico City for engineers with skills tailored to their needs as a visual discovery platform. "Our new engineering office in Mexico City will not only help Pinterest access high-level engineering and machine learning talent but will also contribute to the technology community in Mexico," King said.

Among the reasons for choosing Mexico is that Pinterest has a passionate and growing user base in Latin America, our country included, and this gives companies the opportunity to connect with a new audience that is looking for what to do or buy.

In addition, with an office and sales team in Mexico City, Pinterest will be able to work more closely with companies from Mexico and Hispanic Latin America in different sectors, such as retail, home goods, gastronomy, fashion. , beauty and technology.

Finally, the company said that it is developing the next generation of computer vision technology and recommendations, through Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), visual search, and object detection. “Pinterest engineers are innovating to make the platform a must-have shopping destination, more like walking through virtual aisles, and a place where you can virtually test products, compare brands, prices, and shop within images".

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