PlayStation 5: Sellers in Japanese stores destroy the controller packaging

Users from Japan report unexpected measures taken by Nojima Denki store chain to fight the second-hand dealers of PlayStation 5 game consoles.

Stores do everything to ensure that the consoles initially fall into the hands of interested players, and not resellers. To this end, Nojima Denki announced that every box with a new PlayStation 5 console will be stamped with the full name of the buyer, and this will be done very carefully so that the inscription will definitely remain there forever. Even if the reseller tries to remove the ink, then pressed marks will still remain on the box.

In addition, the banner ad also confirms that retailers are specifically printing the DualSense controller, discarding its packaging, and placing it in this state. This should also allow the console to be identified that is being resold.

Even if this does not stop the resellers, their names will quickly get on the Internet, which can harm their activities.

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