PlayStation Studios has these 17 teams working on next-gen games

We have been in 2022 for a week now, and Sony they have wanted to talk a little more in-depth about their video game plans for this year and the next. During their presentation at CES 2022, they made reference to PlayStation Studios, the brand launched in 2020 that brings together the different development teams in order to work on new projects for PlayStation 5.

It has been specifically Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation, who has taken advantage of his conference to talk about the subject. Specifically, the boss of the company has confirmed with an image a total of 17 development studios that are currently working on upcoming video games and experiences that will arrive in the future.

These are first-party titles, that is, made by this group exclusively (at least for now) for Sony consoles. Among the logos shown there are great acquaintances, such as the case of Insomniac Games, which is working on Spider-Man 2 and a new Wolverine game, or Guerrilla, which will premiere Horizon Forbidden West next February.

There is also Santa Monica or Naughty Dog, right now the two great standard-bearers of the PlayStation brand at the level of impact and worldwide recognition, nor Sucker Punch or Bend Studio, the team responsible for Days Gone that, however, does not have a sequel in their hands. of the action and survival title, but they are preparing a new open-world IP.

In spite of everything, it is unknown what some of the protagonists of the line-up are working on, although some could be collaborating directly in main productions of other studios, others (such as Valkyrie Entertainment or Nixxes ) are dedicated to technical support and there are examples, such as Firesprite, handling titles for PlayStation VR2.

In any case, these 17 development teams fit perfectly with the official statements that we learned a few months ago that spoke of 25 new games in development, with half being new IPs that will be released in the future on PS5.

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