Porsche 911 Sally Special from the silver screen to the street

Porsche 911 Sally Special
Porsche 911 Sally Special

Disney and Pixar's 'Cars' may have hit theaters in the summer of 2006, but the film's feat began many years earlier, with production designer Bob Pauley first sketching out the film's female lead, Sally. Carrera, in 2002. As her last name suggests, Sally is an anthropomorphic 911. A 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera, specifically, is better known to enthusiasts as part of the 996 generation of 911s.

Winks to the animated character

Although the movie Cars is already 16 years old, Sally's character is celebrating two decades since she left the animated factory in Zuffenhausen. In honor of her emerald anniversary, the Cars team worked with Porsche to create a one-of-a-kind 2022 Porsche 911 for her, bearing the Sally Special branding. The car, based on a current Carrera GTS, has some design cues from the aforementioned generation, such as the silver headlight surround, as well as rear badging and staggered five-spoke wheels that imitate those of Sally (and those of the 911 of his time). Porsche and Pixar, however, refrained from equipping the Sally Special with large eyes and a mouth instead of a windshield or front grill. They also didn't hire Bonnie Hunt to provide voice guidance for the navigation system.

Arguably the most notable element of the Sally Special is its Sally Blue Metallic hue, a distinctive color that requires a manual application. This hue also extends to additional areas of the front and rear of the car and the engine cover, areas that Porsche keeps black on the standard Carrera GTS. Lifting the Sally Special's rear wing reveals a graphic that matches Sally's pinstripes, which look like tattoos on her back, a bit of decoration she salvaged when she was living life on the fast lane as a Los Angeles lawyer.

Like its exterior, the interior of the Sally Special features a variety of custom touches. Sally Blue Metallic decorates the cabin trim and complements the Chalk leather seats that include Speed ​​Blue and Chalk stitching and Pepita inserts, which feature a Black, Chalk, and Speed ​​Blue color scheme. This combination also peppers other parts of the interior, such as the lower dash and steering wheel center marker and the seven-speed manual transmission's shift pattern display.

Other distinctive details include a glove box print denoting the car's special nature, backlit Sally Special sills, and a unique 'Kachow Mode' that replaces the typical Sport button on the car's steering wheel-mounted driving mode switch.

Millionaire auction

Now, this particular specimen has become even more popular after being auctioned for no less than 3.6 million euros, at an event held by RM Sotheby's last Saturday, August 20, during the Monterey Motor Week. Proceeds from the sale will benefit two charities: Girls Inc, a non-profit organization serving girls ages five to 18, equipping them with the tools and support they need to successfully meet life's challenges; and USA for UNHCR (UNHCR in Spain), the UN Agency for Refugees. This organization works to help the many people forced to flee Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression.

In addition to getting the keys to the Sally Special, the winning bidder also receives a matching Porsche Design watch, the second set of wheels, including a custom-made rack to mount track tires, a unique car cover, the original color moldings of the car and its show plates, and a special book full of information that traces the development of the Sally Special.

"I know I speak for the entire Pixar team when I say how proud we are not only of the auction result but that the 911 Sally Special has also raised awareness of the work of two amazing charities: Girls Inc. and the USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency . The reaction has been incredible. A truly special moment. The money raised will go directly to them, providing life-changing educational programs for young women in America and helping war-affected Ukrainian refugees," says Jay Ward, Creative Director of Franchise at Pixar Animation Studios.

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