Porsche Taycan by Mansory: Extra aggressiveness and carbon for the German electric


The Porsche Taycan has long established itself on the market as one of the most attractive electric cars, however so far the preparations on its elegant but sporty body have been practically nil. However, Mansory has come to break with that trend with a house brand body kit that serves to provide a point of aggressiveness to the electric Porsche with a remarkable amount of carbon fiber parts among other aesthetic novelties, once again with the carbon fiber as the protagonist.

With just the right amount of touch-ups

Thus we find a Taycan that receives a prominent new forged carbon splitter that joins other pieces in this material such as the air outlet before the hood reminiscent of that of a 2018 Porsche 911 GT3- or the side entrances next to the headlights. Also, the mirror caps, the new side skirts, as well as the diffuser bumpers, and the rear spoiler receive this savage finish. To top off this touch of distinction there are a couple of long lines also made of carbon that emerge from the area of ​​the load compartment to the front door handle. In short, it is one of those carbon kits remarkable enough to give the model a sportier point, but without going as extravagant as in the past. A balance that Mansory has already applied quite successfully in other recent models such as the Ferrari Portofino, the new Mercedes S-Class, or the Mercedes G-Class.

To accompany this new body kit, Mansory has also installed a new set of 22-inch alloy wheels with a slim spoke design that improves heat extraction from the brakes that, although they remain standard, can now be painted in the color that the client wants to obtain an additional point of distinction.

High level of customization in the interior

Although Mansory does not offer many images about it, the interior also offers news. The German company speaks of a high degree of customization that will allow installing more carbon throughout the driving position, in addition to new leather upholstery for any area, or new plates for the door thresholds with the Mansory seal. You can even order a personalized flyer.

As electric that it is and due to its mechanical complexity we will not find novelties at the level of performance. Although with a range capable of offering between 408 and 761 hp, we do not think you need it either.

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