Progress cargo spacecraft detached from the space station

Ross Cosmos announced that the Progress MS-14 cargo vehicle has separated from the International Space Station a year after its docking with the station.

The Foundation stated that the Progress spacecraft separated from the Zvezda unit in the Russian sector in the International Space Station at 2.11 Moscow time. According to the foundation, the Progress MS-14 spacecraft will automatically fly in space for a whole day, to test a new system to control the direction when it sank.

The braking engines are expected to start running at 3.01 pm on April 29 and at 3.34 pm Moscow time, the vehicle will enter the Earth's atmosphere and burn. Experts expect the non-burning parts of the vehicle to fall in the South Pacific at 3.42 Moscow time, 3150 km from Wellington in New Zealand.

It should be noted that the Progress MS-14 cargo vehicle set a new record for the length of its stay in space of 369 days, as the previous record for the Progress M-17 vehicle, which flew in the years 1993-1994 with the Mir station for a period of 337 Yuma, according to Novosti.

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