"PUBG" abandoned city map "Diston" will be launched soon

"PUBG Mobile" Deston will be launched on July 13, and the official trailer has been released. The town of Diston was devastated by a catastrophic hurricane and rapidly decayed after falling into bankruptcy... All that remains is an abandoned desalination plant, an overgrown seaweed farm, and a flooded city. But it's not empty... because the land now has a new use.

Brand new features:

  • lift: You can quickly climb a skyscraper using a lift mounted on the building - it's probably the only way you can get to the higher floors.

  • motorboat: This open-top punt can travel on land and water using propeller-fan thrusters. Enjoy a fast-paced ride across swamps, shallow waters or open water in a brand new hovercraft!

  • O12: Introducing the Origin 12, the fastest-firing shotgun in the world. The O12 is the first high-capacity weapon in PUBG: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that takes advantage of a very high rate of fire! Combining high damage and high rate of fire, the O12 will be the top weapon for destroying enemies at medium and close range!

  • functional parachute: On the Dyston map, every player can use a functional parachute at any time. When you jump from a height, press the interact button to glide freely!

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