PUBG without internet in Iraq


Entering through PUBG or Battlefields of Unknown Players, millions of players are another world that is a mixture between the post-apocalyptic movie series Hunger Games and the evil world of DC Comics. The movie Suicide Squad.

The smartphone version of the game has turned into a phenomenon among those under the age of 25, who make up 60% of Iraqis, to the point that they are dubbed the "PUBG generation.

And intersects the world of imagination that PUBG paints a lot with the reality in Iraq, which has been witnessing for 40 years successive wars and crises, according to a report prepared by Agence France-Presse.

In fact, the Bajil generation witnessed this violence, in the demonstrations that erupted in October 2019, about 600 people were killed. Many young men in the demonstrations disguised themselves as their characters in Bebji, where they wore helmets, neckties, and wide belts.

Then, and even months before the outbreak of the protests, the House of Representatives voted to ban Bebji on the grounds that it incites violence and isolates youth from reality.

Bashar Abu Khalil, 31, who has more than three million followers on YouTube, chose to settle in Turkey. As for Richard Ibrahim al-Kurdi, 19, he moved to Sweden.

The latter, dubbed in the game Frick, which is a word in English that means monster, achieved achievement in this world by winning the Arab PUBG Mobile competition a few days ago, whose prize amounted to 100,000 dollars distributed to a number of players.

This victory was not easy, as one of the players on his team had to go to the Kurdistan region in search of a good Internet, while another player was cut off electricity in the middle of the challenge.

ICord e Sports also feels that the lack of internet does not give them its due.

Our opponents have a much stronger internet, Helmat Shiar, 23, told France Press. The state in Iraq only provides a few hours of electricity, and the fourth generation (4G) network is still relatively new in the country.

As a result of this lack of support, Haidar Jaafar established a federation for electronic games in 2011.

The Ministry of Youth’s strategy regarding electronic games has not changed since 2009, he explained to France Press, but a lot has changed since then.

In the year 2020, the union that Jaafar established with volunteers succeeded to join the International Federation of Electronic Games, especially because of the widespread popularity of Bebji in Iraq.

And because it is available for free, the Chinese company, Tencent, the maker of PUBG Mobile, announced in March that the number of downloads of the game around the world exceeded a billion.

Also, the word PUBG is among the 11 most searched on the Internet in Iraq in 2020.

However, Iraq, which depends on oil resources for its revenues, has not been able to convert this phenomenon into a window for profit, while the value of the electronic games market in Saudi Arabia and the neighboring Emirates, for example, is $ 821 million, according to "Strategy" for business consultancy.

At a time of rampant unemployment among young people, where the proportion of unemployed is two out of every five young people, Jenner Hekmat, 18, and a member of the iCord group, does not want to close any door to profit.

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