Rainbow Six: Siege comes with packages inspired by the Rick & Morty series


Rainbow Six: Siege is still a popular team tactical action that successfully maintains a stable player base.

Anyway, two maybe a little weird package will come into play today, hiding things inspired by the quirky animated series Rick & Morty.

The first is called the Pickle Rick Smoke Bundle, with which you dress this character in a rat outfit, and in addition, you get a Portal Gun skin for a weapon attachment, a Pickle Rick pendant, and a skin for a weapon.

The second is the Sledge Gromflomite Bundle, in which you will find the helmet and uniform of the alien Gromflomites, the skin on the M590A1, the Seal Team Rick pendant, and the Federation Defense skin for the weapon attachment.

Both bundles cost 2,160 R6 credits separately, where you can purchase 2,670 of these credits for 19.99 euros (520 CZK).

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